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31 July 2009

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29 July 2009

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28 July 2009

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26 July 2009

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25 July 2009

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24 July 2009

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23 July 2009

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22 July 2009

21 July 2009

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20 July 2009

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19 July 2009

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18 July 2009

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17 July 2009

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16 July 2009

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15 July 2009

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14 July 2009

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13 July 2009

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12 July 2009

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11 July 2009

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10 July 2009

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09 July 2009

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08 July 2009

Twitter Posts from 30 June to 06 July

Unfortunately, the service I was using to syndicate the ExpoMuseum Twitter feed on my ExpoMuseum Blog has closed down. I've since gotten it re-established using another service, but we had a week there without any of the Twitter posts being repeated on the blog.

Since I know lots of people see these only through the blog and its subsequent syndication in the World's Fair Community, I'm repeating those "tweets" here:

• RT @shanghaiist: USA has funding, Expo pavilion is a go? For those following the will they - won't they deb.. http://tinyurl.com/nsorj8

• RT @beckybearhug Cotton candy was introduced at Chicago's [1893] world's fair!

• RT @AdamMinter: Source: New US Expo 2010 Pavilion Commissioner General Jose Villarreal has arrived in Shanghai. Stay tuned

• 5 July 2009: 300 days until Expo 2010 opens! http://www.ExpoMuseum.com/2010/

• Armenia is spending 570M Drams (about $1.5M US) on their Expo 2010 pavilion: http://bit.ly/fas5x

• Jim Steinhart has a great collection of photos (mostly his own) from various expos: http://www.travelphotobase.com/s/EXPO.HTM

• RT @AdamMinter: New post: The US has NOT confirmed Expo 2010 participation. Anatomy of a media-induced misunderstanding. http://bit.ly/3TnEn

• Now that the US has confirmed participation at Expo 2010, efforts should be made to make sure we're at 2012 Yeosu, Korea and 2015 Milan.

• @amadajoy An even larger world's fair, the largest in history, will be in Shanghai next year: http://www.ExpoMuseum.com/2010/

• RT @worldexpo2010 http://twitpic.com/915dq - Expo Village construction site, World Expo 2010 in Shanghai, China #expo2010

• The ExpoMuseum.com page about 1904 St. Louis has been updated: http://www.ExpoMuseum.com/1904/

• FINALLY! US confirms participation in Shanghai's Expo 2010: http://tr.im/qxwt

• Bill Cotter's 1939-'40 New York book reviewed in the Queens Gazette: http://www.qgazette.com/news/2009/0701/features/027.html

• Jose H. Villarreal named as U.S. Commissioner General to Expo 2010: http://www.state.gov/r/pa/prs/ps/2009/july/125540.htm

• Pepsi now on board for Expo 2010 US Pavilion to the tune of $5M... but it still might not happen: http://tr.im/qvxP http://tr.im/qvxZ

• RT @History_books New release: A-Y-P Exposition, Washington's First World's Fair: A Timeline History: http://bit.ly/1611sm

• RT @AllThingsHill H. Clinton today has a meeting w/Jose Villarreal, Nominee for Commissioner General, Shanghai Expo 2010 http://bit.ly/NSTLP

• RT @edmontonexpo17 Happy 142nd Canada! Imagine ... #EXPO2017, #YEG at centre of Canada's 150th bash!

• Happy Canada Day! Canada hosted Expo '67 in Montréal and Expo '86 in Vancouver... and it might host Expo 2017 in Calgary or Edmonton!

• RT @gaauri arquitetura » UK Pavillion na Shanghai Expo 2010, design de Thomas Heatherwick: http://is.gd/1jumC

• It's been 25 years! Remember the 1984 New Orleans World's Fair by helping rebuild the city: http://www.84plus25.org/

• Sources say the 30 June deadline for the US to confirm at Expo 2010 was a "soft" deadline and that fundraising for a pavilion continues.

• RT @QueensMuseum FREE STUFF (including '64 World's Fair items) up for grabs in TONIGHT'S livestream auction! http://tinyurl.com/lvzxr5

• Open question: Where would be the best location for a physical ExpoMuseum, a museum about all world's fairs? I keep thinking Seattle Center.

• Excellent site about St. Louis's 1904 Louisiana Purchase Exposition.. with some wonderful images: http://atthefair.homestead....

• Expo 2010 tickets go on sale 1 July 2009: http://bit.ly/35t79

• It is 30 June in Shanghai now, the deadline for the United States to confirm participating at Expo 2010.

• RT @ExRoadie Memories of MJ - 1984 World's Fair in New Orleans. Michael Jackson comes to my DJ booth... ...with copy of State of Shock.

• @m4s Thank you!

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