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30 April 2009

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29 April 2009

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28 April 2009

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24 April 2009

BRC Imagination Arts' Brad Shelton

Once again, I had the distinct honor of appearing on the Season Pass Podcast. The main guest this episode was Brad Shelton of BRC Imagination Arts. We talked about world's fairs naturally, but more specifically Shanghai's Expo 2010 and the efforts to ensure the United States has a pavilion there. We also talk about the United States' last two world's fairs in Knoxville and New Orleans and the history of expo mascots.

Here are some links related to our conversation:

Expo 2010's China Pavilion

Expo 2010's United States Pavilion (plans by Nick Winslow's group)

The BH&L Group

ExpoMuseum's 2017-2018 page

ExpoMuseum's 2020 page

ExpoMuseum's photos of Expo mascots - including 1984's Seymour, 2000's Twipsy, and 2010's Haibao

You can hear the podcast via iTunes or by visiting The Season Pass Podcast, episode 77

22 April 2009

Expo 2010 Fake Souvenirs a Good Sign?

Today, the People's Daily (China's government paper) ran this article, entitled "Crackdown on Fake Shanghai Expo Goods."

I don't recall there ever being a problem with Expo souvenirs being counterfeited at any of the recent expositions. Of course, those countries (Portugal, Germany, Japan, and Spain) have much longer traditions of trademark protection.

Here's why I think it might be a good sign that fake Expo 2010 souvenirs are out there: We're one year and 9 days from opening day and there's already a market for Expo 2010 souvenirs.

ExpoMuseum's 2010 Shanghai page: http://www.ExpoMuseum.com/2010/

45th Anniversary Today

Today is the 45th anniversary of the opening of the 1964 New York World's Fair.

Some recent articles:

Queens Courier: 1964 World’s Fair Marks 45th Anniversary

New York Daily News: New Book Captures Era (about Bill Cotter's new book)
Bill Cotter is a friend of ExpoMuseum and a frequent poster to WorldsFairCommunity.

NorthJersey.com: Rohan: Memories of the World's Fair, 45 years ago

ExpoMuseum's 1964-'65 New York page: http://www.ExpoMuseum.com/1964/

21 April 2009

ExpoMuseum.com Lapel Pin

I've had several requests for ExpoMuseum.com recently.

To that end, I'm selling them through Ebay.