Urso Chappell’s ExpoMuseum Blog: March 2012

30 March 2012

The World's Fair Podcast, Episode 29: César Corona on Public Diplomacy and World's Fairs

Episode 29 of the World's Fair Podcast is now available for download as an MP3 or via iTunes. In it, Urso Chappell and John McGregor talk to César Corona about the role of public diplomacy at international expositions.

Find out more about César Corona's projects at InternationalExpositions.org.

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16 March 2012

@ExpoMuseum Twitter: Friday, March 16, 2012

Some great aerial shots of the Expo 2012 site under construction. Just 57 days until opening day! http://t.co/Qihb59r1

Great view of the Expo 2012 construction progress as of last week... from the United States Pavilion. http://t.co/9mSv44TU

12 March 2012

@ExpoMuseum Twitter: Monday, March 12, 2012

In Seattle on 16 March 2012? Learn more about the Seattle's 1962 World's Fair: http://t.co/rGCM0hed

The House of Tomorrow from 1933-1934 Chicago lives on! http://t.co/T813DiEk

11 March 2012

@ExpoMuseum Twitter: Sunday, March 11, 2012

A slice of that weird period in world's fair history when they exhibited incubator babies... http://t.co/y1B3aACd