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26 February 2011

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25 February 2011

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24 February 2011

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23 February 2011

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22 February 2011

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19 February 2011

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18 February 2011

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  • 15:50:19: RT @bkates 43 years after the World's Fair in San Antonio, planning is underway to redevelop Hemisfair Park. TX Week, Fri at 8:30pm, KLRN-TV
  • 18:05:14: RT @UrsoChappell New Senate Foreign Relations Committee document talks about US participation in world's fairs: http://goo.gl/d37h3

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17 February 2011

Senate Foreign Relations Committee on Expo 2010, Expo 2012, and Expo 2020

This week, the United States Senate Foreign Relations Committee issued a new document "Another U.S. Deficit - China and America - Public Diplomacy in the Age of the Internet," which includes a great deal of information about United States participation in Expo 2010, the committee's call for a US Pavilion at Expo 2012, and support for re-joining the Bureau International des Expositions (BIE) to help a US bid for Expo 2020.

Here's the synopsis at the beginning of the document (page 12):
Many Americans now view World Expos as antiquated affairs. The rest of the globe does not, and U.S. ambivalence towards participationunduly offends the host nations. Given that more than 7,000,000 Chinese visited the U.S. Pavilion at the Shanghai Expo in 2010, the lack of effort caused by unnecessary hesitation and delays on the part of the Obama Administration only squandered an unprecedented opportunity to put our best foot forward to an audience over 10 times the size of the number of Chinese who visit the United States in a single year. Although large crowds streamed in, many were disappointed by the low-tech and rather ordinary exhibits inside which failed to demonstrate American technological, scientific and commercial expertise. Those same mistakes should not be repeated in the lead up to the 2012 Expo in Korea. Given recent interest
by Texas and California in hosting the 2020 Expo, the U.S. should seek immediately to re-join the Bureau of International Expositions in order to bid for the 2020 Expo. Consideration should be given to repealing legislation limiting U.S. government involvement in Expos, an action that would give the private sector greater confidence in our efforts and lead to more coherent funding.

I'm glad to hear that Congress is looking into the issue of United States participation in world's fairs. Needless to say, I wholeheartedly support the US rejoining the BIE, our country's participation in Expo 2012, and the bids for Expo 2020.

I take a bit of an exception to the Obama Administration being blamed for US Pavilion delays, however, since it was under the Bush Administration that things had stalled. Later in the document, they do point out that it was Hillary Clinton's State Department that finally got the ball rolling.

I think this document brings us a few steps closer to rejoining the BIE, having a US Pavilion at Expo 2012 in Yeosu, and security government support for an Expo 2020 bid.

The full report can be downloaded at:


Since I wrote this shortly after receiving the document, I've had a chance to read more. As such, here's an addendum:

In the main body of the document, it does refer to Hillary Clinton's efforts to save the pavilion and recognizes the difficulty of continuity between the two administrations. That leads me to think the synopsis on page 12 (of the PDF... labeled page 6) blaming the Obama Administration could be a typo. Later, they refer to the Bush Administration's failure to have a US Pavilion at Hannover's Expo 2000. That's clearly a mistake since George W. Bush did not come into office until January 2001.

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16 February 2011

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15 February 2011

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14 February 2011

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13 February 2011

Senate Foreign Relations Report Supports Expo 2020 Bid and Regrets Expo 2010 US Pavilion

On Tuesday, the United States Senate Foreign Relations Committee will issue a report. Here are the details:


Most interesting, for those of us interested in world's fair issues are these lines from the AFP news story:

"The report also faulted the United States for underfunding public diplomacy.

It regretted the quality of the US pavilion at last year's World Expo in Shanghai, which was cobbled together at the last minute using private funds and featured simple films about the United States.

Even if many Americans no longer care about global expositions, the report said, some 70 million people -- most of them Chinese -- visited the Shanghai Expo and seven million went to the US pavilion.

Considering that fewer than one million Chinese visit the United States each year, "the Expo was a squandered opportunity to have maximum impact on our bilateral relationship," the report said.

The report called for the United States to consider changing the law to allow government support for exposition efforts, including for the US pavilion at the 2012 Expo in South Korea, and to make a bid for the 2020 World Expo."

The World's Fair Podcast, Episode 24: Expo 2020 Silicon Valley Project Lead John Grubb

In episode 24, Urso Chappell and John McGregor talk to the Bay Area Council's John Grubb. He's the project lead for Expo 2020 Silicon Valley, an effort to bring a world's fair to Mountain View, California in 2020.

Expo 2020 would be held in Moffett Field in the heart of Silicon Valley.

Listen to this podcast as an MP3.

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Bay Area Council

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12 February 2011

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11 February 2011

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10 February 2011

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09 February 2011

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08 February 2011

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07 February 2011

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06 February 2011

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05 February 2011

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03 February 2011

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01 February 2011

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