Urso Chappell’s ExpoMuseum Blog: October 2010

27 October 2010

Expo 2010's Japan Pavilion

I've stitched together still photos and video I took at the Japan Pavilion at Expo 2010 and put them online.

Be aware that it's silent when the still photos are up, so don't be startled when the sound starts.

23 October 2010

A Special Appeal: Get the USA back into the BIE

Folks from all over the United States are talking about having their city host a world's fair in 2020.

To make this happen, the United States needs to rejoin the BIE, the Bureau International des Expositions, and pay back dues from the years we've missed since pulling out of the organization in 2003.

Contact your senator and representative and tell them to restore funding to the BIE: http://www.USA-BIE.org/

The World's Fair Podcast, Episode 19: Malcolm Snow and the Expo 88 Legacy Site

In Episode 19, John and Urso talk to Malcolm Snow, the CEO of the South Bank Corporation, which controls the legacy site of Brisbane, Australia's Expo 88. He talks about the challenges of honoring the Expo 88 legacy and balancing contemporary needs for the site.

South Bank Corporation

Foundation Expo 88

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07 October 2010

The World's Fair Podcast, Episode 18: The Return of a World's Fair in the United States

Will the United States once again host a world's fair in 2020? Episode 18 of the World's Fair Podcast features a panel discussion in St. Louis discussing what it would take for the United States to get back into the expo game. Panelists include event director Steve Heckler, legendary world's fair pavilion creator Barry Howard, and ExpoMuseum.com's Urso Chappell.

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