Urso Chappell’s ExpoMuseum Blog: Expo 2010 UK and US Pavilions

05 August 2007

Expo 2010 UK and US Pavilions

Expo 2010 begins in less than three years. With an expected 200 countries and 70 million visitors, it's not surprising that plans are well underway to develop impressive pavilions.

A fascinating example of what we have to look forward to comes in the form of the United Kingom Pavilion's plans which has already begun with a design competition. The six final designs (shown above) were announced in July.

The United States Department of State has yet to select the firm that will create its pavilion, but the expected price tag is $100 million. Under U.S. law, federal funds can't be used to for the pavilion's construction or staffing, so there is likely to be a race to collect the funds in time for planning and construction. Otherwise, the United States could suffer a repeat of its Expo 2000 experience, canceling participation at the last moment due to lack of funds.

Larger versions of the above illustrations are available here.


Anonymous said...

According to the Expo 2010 website, the design on the top row left side has been chosen. I'm waiting for them to post a map showing what country is where on the Expo site.

Anonymous said...

www.expo2010china.hu website gives the most updated information about design of the pavilions the 2010 World Expo in Shanghai.