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11 July 2013

Walt Disney and World's Fairs

I'm putting together a page on ExpoMuseum.com about Walt Disney and world's fairs and I'm hoping folks out there might have some information for me or can direct me in the right direction.

What's well known, of course, is that Walt Disney's father was a carpenter at 1893 Chicago and that Walt Disney himself was involved in exhibits at 1939-1940 New York, 1958 Brussels, and 1964-1965 New York (although he, himself, didn't attend 1939-1940 New York.

It's also well known that he attended 1939-1940 San Francisco and 1962 Seattle.

Mickey Mouse items were created in conjunction with 1933-1934 Chicago, but I haven't found evidence that Walt Disney attended.

In the Walt Disney Family Museum, where I work, we have awards from a film festival at1935 Brussels and I know that his family traveled to Europe that year. I haven't found evidence that they visited however. It seems likely the Disney Family could have visited 1937 Paris, as well, but I'm looking for documentation.

As far the expositions AFTER Walt Disney's death in 1966, I've heard that both the mascots at 1984 New Orleans and 1988 Brisbane were created by the Walt Disney Company, but I'm looking for proof.

The Walt Disney Company was a sponsor of the US Pavilion at 2010 Shanghai. That I certainly have information about.

Can anyone help fill in the gaps?

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